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All of our bodies are finely balanced machines which most of the time function without a problem. However, most of us have some form of niggle, ache or pain. These are for the most part muscular and normally a result of a muscular imbalance in the Human Movement System. Most muscles in the body are balanced with an opposing muscle, either side of the spine for instance, a muscular imbalance is when one of those opposing muscles is shorter than the other. This can cause posture problems and unbalances our movement system, meaning, just moving in what we regard as a normal fashion can cause injury. If the imbalance is not corrected the same injury can occur again and again.

Corrective exercise is a form of training designed to correct muscle imbalances and postural problems that cause these injuries.

how corrective exercise works

Corrective exercise works by strengthening weak muscles and releasing and lenthening tight and knotted muscles. This corrects the imbalance allowing the body to function properly, helps reduce the risk of injuries and hepls prevent injuries reoccuring.

Before a corrective exercise programme can be written an assessment has to be done. This includes a postural assessment and a functional assessment. A functional assessment uses a series of biomechanical movements and tests to determine muscle imbalances, weak areas and muscles.

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