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Golf Performance at corrections southampton

Despite the image golf has as a leisurely sport, the golf swing is a very athletic movement not to mention the distance covered during a round if you are walking. Injuries are very common in golf and not just for the professional player. Studies show that professional and amateur golfers have similar injury rates but experience different types of injuries. The most common injuries for a professional occur in the lower back followed by the left wrist and left shoulder (for right handed golfers). For amateurs the most common are elbow injuries followed by the lower back and shoulder. The reason for most of these injuries are, in professionals overuse, and in amateurs poor mechanics.

During a round an average male golfer will expend approximately 1,200 to 1,400 calories. All of this means that to perform an effective and proficient golf swing and repeat it over 18 holes or maybe even 36 holes on occassion, a golfer must have a suitable level of flexibility and mobility, muscular power, strength, endurance and timing.


Golf performance training isn't a replacement for golf lessons, it complements what your golf pro is trying to accomplish in your swing mechanics by allowing your body to move in the correct sequence.

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