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Studies have shown that as little as an 8-week training programme can significantly improve swing mechanics and golf performance by improving club-head speed, decreasing trajectory errors and reducing total golf scores.

Golf fitness training doesn't just improve golf performance in the 20 somethings, a study to examine the effect of exercise on club-head speed took a group of men aged 55-79, placed 31 of them in a control group and put them through an 8-week strength and flexibility programme. By the end of the eight weeks they noticed not only a difference in their ROM (range of motion) but most notably their club-head speed had improved from 85.0 mph to 87.1 mph.

When you combine this ability to increase club-head speed and the potential to consistantly make a repeatable swing, it begs the question why doesn't every golfer have a golf fitness programme.


Not only can a golf performance training programme improve distance and consistancy but it can also reduce the risk of injury. It does this by correcting posture and allowing the body to move correctly, increasing the efficiency of the body during the golf swing. All of this means that there is less wear and tear on the muscles and joints.

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