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Each individual's golf swing is different but for your swing style to work it must be efficient. For the golf swing to be efficient, it has to have the correct kinematic sequence. This is the order that the body moves to deliver the club into impact from the top of the backswing. If this sequence is out it can result in a lack of power, meaning reduced distance and a number of other swing faults causing miss hits, pushes, pulls, hooks, slices and a very inconsistant golf swing which could result in injuries. The kinematic sequence is effected by the functionality of the body. For the body to be functional it has to have stability and mobility. Stability and mobility can be effected by muscle imbalances.

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) have studied some of the worlds best golf swings. With this knowledge they created the TPI Screening. TPI have also tested the strength and power of some of the best players in the world from the PGA TOUR and LPGA TOUR. From this they have developed strength and power tests to determine the best ratio of strength, power, flexibility, stability and mobility for an individual's golf swing.

Corrections Massage & Fitness Golf Performance uses the TPI Screening and strength and power tests to establish how functional your body is and how that can effect your golf swing and uses this information to create an individual programme to help you improve your golf game.


There are 12 Swing Characteristics that can cause inconsistencies and miss hits, these can be diagnosed using the TPI Screening and video analysis.

Golf performance training programmes are written based on an individual screening developed by TPI and are tailored specifically to each golfer's needs. We use a scientifically proven training model developed by the National Acacdemy of Sports Medicine (NASM) called the OPT model and tour proven exercises from TPI. This training model is a process that systematically progresses the trainee to a goal based on their individual limitations and current level of fitness.

Golf performance training programmes typically incorporate flexibility training, core training, balance training, plyometric (reactive) training, resistance training and cardiorespiratory training. Each of these forms of training are progressed through the OPT model allowing the individual to progress only when their body is capable of doing so. By progressing this way it reduces the risk of injury and improves the long term fitness of the participant.

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